WINGMAN Universal Design by

WINGMAN with it's signature wings, built in supports, unique geometry, and oversize metal hinge base makes it the most versatile and reliable toilet seat on the market:
  • Unmatched strength, stability and comfort
  • Safely supports up to 1000 lbs.
  • 24" wide and 19.5" front to back
  • Latex Free in standard white (custom colors available)
  • Bolts easily to standard, regular or elongated toilet basins using the same mounting holes as any other standard toilet seat - you keep your existing toilet basin
  • The oversize metal hinge base eliminates vertical and lateral movement often experienced with most common toilet seats
  • Aesthetically pleasing with an updated look that's low profile and easy to clean
  • Supports the widest range of body types and ability levels; child and adult
  • Infinite combination of palm and grip placements optimizing the user's strength and control when lowering or raising, or transferring laterally to and from a wheelchair

MADE IN THE USA AND SHIPPING (within the United States) IS FREE!

    Whenever starting the use of a new physical aid, such as WINGMAN and/or grab bars, it is always important to seek your Primary Physician and your Physical/Occupational Therapist's approval.

    And if you are unable to install WINGMAN yourself, please employ a confident individual or professional plumber. When installed properly, WINGMAN will resist vertical and lateral movement at the hinge and stay bolted tightly.
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