WINGMAN Universal Design by
Signature Wings
WINGMAN'S signature wings and forward palming surface are truly unique. Strategically located close to the user's front and sides for comfort and control optimizing strength.

The smoothly integrated surfaces are symmetrically placed to allow the use of either hand or both simultaneously to maximize the user's effective strength and balance. The boundaries of the side wings produce four distinct grip orientations: forward, side, diagonal, and rear.

Beneath the seat's wings are finger cavities that run parallel to the boundaries and provide a 270 degree finger wrap for a strong grip. The grips can be use in conjunction with the top surface to secure palm placements thereby lessening the chance of the user's hand slipping when pressed upon.

Because the  palming surfaces are smoothly integrated with the seating surface WINGMAN can be easily glided across from any angle, front or sides, with minimal effort. Because the palming surfaces are largely outside of the central seating surface they can be used without obstructing the transfer path. They also provide the immediate benefit of allowing the user to lessen their effective weight against the seat when transferring across or adjusting position.
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